Gods of the Ravenspire Adventures

Listed here is a list of the Gods and Goddesses that will be used in The Ravenspire Adventures. There are domains listed with each as well as Other Names. The Other Names are ones from the pre-existing Pathfinder pantheon that are worshipped by races/PC's. If a player wishes to use a Domain that does not fall under any of the deities, then they and the GM can talk and find out where it would bes fit. The same could be said for other God names.

Saranrae and Pharasma: As these to Gods have already appeared in game in their stock Pathfinder forms, they will remain the same.

The Enchantress/The Enchanter

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Luck, Madness, Trickery

Alignment: Any Chaotic

Favoured Weapon: Any Slashing Weapon

Symbol: Trident of Roses


The Enchantress, or Enchanter, is one of the Chaotic gods in the pantheon. They are the god, or goddess, of Charm, Luck, Madness, Trickery and most importantly, Chaos. They love to sew discord on the mortal plain, playing ruler against ruler, civilian against ruler, lover against lover and so on. If they can cause strife they will, playing with the wills and intentions of mortals of all sorts. They have been known to act for the better of mortals as well, such as deposing a mad king, or having their agents remove a tyrant, but these are quickly denied as good deeds.

Worshippers and followers of The Enchantress/Enchanter do not usually have an organized church. When they do gather, it is in secret houses or holds, away from public eyes. Most of the followers of this god are vagrants, vagabonds, nobility and those lost to the throws of madness. They wear the Holy Symbol of their god with pride, but usually not on display.

When The Enchantress/Enchanter is seen by mortals, they take on the form that is most appealing to each viewer. Be it male or female, Dwarf or Elf or Lizardfolk, they will choose the best form to take to get their message across.

Other Names:

The Fate Weaver

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Evil, Chaos, Knowledge, Community, Magic

Alignment: Any

Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff

Symbol: Infinite Loop


The Fate Weaver may be the oldest, or the youngest, of the gods, but no scholar is certain. Most believe that The Fate Weaver is the god of everything, and that his influence can be seen all across the world. He is also the patron god of Mages and other Arcane casters.

The Fate Weaver is the god of destinies, who has plans within plans and is always willing to help those of the mortal plane, as long as there is a benefit to him. Very rarely does he ask for a favour in return, already manipulating the paths of history. He freely gives advice and assistance to any willing to ask, knowing full well that it is benefiting him in some way.

The Fate Weaver takes on many forms, and his appearance and voice are ever-shifting. He could be an ancient scholar, a beggar in thread bare robes or a patron in beautiful blue and gold silks. He is any, and all of these at once. The only constant amongst all of his forms is his staff. He always has a 6 foot tall quarterstaff at his side. It to has an ever-changing appearance; from a silver staff of office to a gnarled wooden tree branch, to a golden sorcerers staff. This staff carries on to his followers, each of them carrying a staff of some sort as well as wearing his holy symbol, an infinite loop.

Followers of The Fate Weaver are open about their faith, and are usually sought after as advisors to those in power.

Other Names:



Gods of the Ravenspire Adventures

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